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Mempool and blockchain explorer for the Bitcoin community, focusing on the transaction fee market and multi-layer ecosystem, completely self-hosted without any trusted third-parties

What is a Mempool( Memory Pool)

Mempool is a mechanism used by cryptocurrency nodes to store unconfirmed transaction information. It acts as a kind of waiting room for transactions that are not yet included in the block. The mempool consists of all the pending transactions that have not yet been confirmed by miners. When a new transaction is created, it is first sent to the mempool where it waits to be confirmed by miners. The size of the mempool can fluctuate depending on the number of unconfirmed transactions and the rate at which new transactions are being created.

The node will run a series of checks to ensure that the transaction is valid - verifying, for example, that the signature is correct, that the output does not exceed the input, and that funds have not been spent. If these conditions are not met, they will be rejected
The mempool is often used as a metric to measure the health of the Bitcoin network.

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